Garland, Islam, and the Threat at Hand

Yesterday evening, two Islamist goat fuckers attempted to shoot up a Muhammad cartoon contest in Garland, TX. I say attemptted, because thanks to the good work of the Garland Police Department, their kaffiyehs (the traditional Arab male headdress) were well and truly split before they could do anything more than wound a Garland school district police officer in the ankle (we hope he’s on his feet again very soon). While these two bumbling assholes made the mistake of trying to pull this sort of shit in Texas, the next group might not be quite so dumb.

Right now, our defenses are being probed, and have been since the 1990s, in one way or another. These people have a vast supply of zealous pawns, who are willing to go to their deaths, because they see it as their religious duty to punish “blasphemy”. While the useful idiots test our reactions and procedures with the promise of 72 virgins (I think it’s more likely the goats they raped are getting a little payback in hell), the clever bastards who hand out the orders are coming up with new ways to kill Americans. While we don’t know who sent these two particular turds (the public may never know for sure), it really doesn’t matter. Whether it’s Daesh, Al Qaeda, one of Iran’s proxy groups, etc. they all share much the same ideology. Muslims are under a religious obligation to expand the Dar-al-Islam (“the land of Islam”). Simply put, this is the land that is directly ruled by those of the Islamic faith. Everywhere else is referred to as the Dar-al-Harb, or land of war. This imperative has been followed by Muslims, as far as they were able, since the religion’s beginning in the seventh century. Make no mistake, the people who inspired this attack take a seventh century view of the world and this is their goal.

In the 1990s, we saw a string of attacks, similar in several ways, became increasingly bolder as time went on. First, there was the Khobar bombing in Saudi Arabia. Then, the bombing of our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. Next was the bombing of the USS Cole in Aden harbor (Yemen) in 2000. Finally, there was September 11th. I’m not suggesting that terrorists are going to attempt to fly planes into buildings again. That particular plan relied on the passengers keeping quiet and if tried again, they would put on an ass whipping that would impress most MMA fighters. However, an attack on somewhere in the middle of the US, somewhere with somewhat stricter gun laws than Texas or less of a police presence than Garland this evening, is plausible. After all, our southern border, has been left wide open for droves of illegal aliens, I mean, undocumented Democrats. Except for the states that have taken up the patrol of the border (incomplete, despite their best efforts) that the Feds have been ordered to leave off, we really have no idea who’s coming in.

The question then is, what can be done to stop this? While I’m a proponent of the “kill ’em there rather than here” idea, political realities mean this is not always a possibility. The responsible thing to do, first, would be securing the borders. This will solve a number of problems, not least of which, is giving us an idea of who is entering our country. With our current administration, unfortunately, this is not likely to happen soon, as they have millions more voters to import. Second, I would promote gun ownership, training, and concealed carrying by civilians. I understand that concealed carry is not something with which many people are comfortable. However, the police can’t always be in as much force where they are needed as they were this evening. Armed civilians make many more targets far less “soft” than they would be otherwise. Finally, if using US forces to fight these bastards where they sleep is not politically feasible, I support arming and training those forces friendly to us to do the fighting for US. By this, I definitely do not mean the Iraqi government, who is in hock to Teheran. I suggest we back the Kurds to the hilt and the Anbar Sunni tribes that fought with us after the Awakening in 2006.

In conclusion, we are in a war, whether we like it or not. The worst thing we could do is revert to a pre-9/11 mindset and look at these attacks from a criminal justice standpoint. We need to hit these bastards where they live.


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